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def xcbgen::xtypes::PadType::__init__ (   self,

Default structure initializer.  Sets up default fields.

Public fields:
name is a tuple of strings specifying the full type name.
size is the size of the datatype in bytes, or None if variable-sized.
nmemb is 1 for non-list types, None for variable-sized lists, otherwise number of elts.
booleans for identifying subclasses, because I can't figure out isinstance().

Reimplemented from xcbgen::xtypes::Type.

Definition at line 240 of file xtypes.py.

00240                            :
        Type.__init__(self, tcard8.name)
        self.is_pad = True
        self.size = 1
        self.nmemb = 1 if (elt == None) else int(elt.get('bytes'))

    def resolve(self, module):

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